Union Farm Mill Cooperative Purpose

Union Farm Mill has been in Hingham, MA for over 25 years. Over the years we have milled quite a bit of lumber for both local Artisans and Pro's.

The one thing that keeps coming up time and time again, is that there is no real place for both the Pros and the DIY hobbyist to show, share and discuss various woodworking related experiences.

Thus was born the Union Farm Mill CO-OP.

The CO-OP website is new and lacks allot of content at this point in June of 2021. Covid is still around but is winding down.

We are providing a place on the internet for woodworkers within Massachusetts to interact and learn from each other.

We are also providing:

  1. Discount Lumber
  2. Discount Milling
  3. Help wanted area
  4. Place top sell your projects
  5. Free Web Hosting for your own websites
  6. Much more...

Come grow with us

Help us make this the go to place in Massachusetts for woodworkers.

Showing milled beam

In the Workshop with the students